10 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Life (Without You Knowing It)

A happy and successful life isn’t a miracle. At the very core, it’s the culmination of small, good habits sustained over a lifetime.

The opposite is just as true. Bad habits – even the smallest ones that seem harmless – result in an unhealthy and unsuccessful life. And worse of all, this often happens even without the person’s complete knowledge.

If you aren’t in the desired place in life right now, there’s a good chance that your bad habits are responsible for that. Interestingly, you might not necessarily be aware of such bad habits.

In that context, to help you with self-awareness and make improvements, here are 10 big and small bad habits that are destroying your life:

1. Waking up late in the morning

There’s a reason why a large crowd of successful people recommends this.

The seamless benefits of waking up in the morning cannot be summed up quickly. It can virtually change your entire life for good, helping your physical and psychological health get better.

And yet so many people are willing to sacrifice that potential good life for a couple of hours of extra sleep, which itself is because of mindless scrolling, at night, through social media feed.

Waking up late leaves you tired, with less time and in the laid-back mood throughout the day.

2. “Just one more episode”

…or “just one more video” if you’re on YouTube and not Netflix.

This is one of the bad habits that are plaguing a huge crowd only recently.

People are giving up on their sleep, dreams, work and good health because they want to watch their favorite video or series a bit longer.

Are you one of them?

3. Not focusing on your goals

This is a bad habit that’s difficult to spot.

Even with their big ambitions and goals that demand to be in the spotlight in their conscious, many people let go of their focus from them.

They focus on their problems, leisure, news, and the most irrelevant things. They channel their energy in the wrong areas.

In reality, if you have the audacity to dream big, you must be extremely active in sourcing all your energy and attention to that goal.

4. Complaining and blaming others

Recall the last 24 hours of your life. You will find plenty of instances of you complaining, blaming others and making excuses.

This might not necessarily look like a big deal but it is one of the most toxic habits you can have.

Creating your framework around complaining and blaming others sets you up for imminent failures. It creates a negative infrastructure around you which navigates you in undesired directions.

Instead, you must take up the responsibility of everything that’s happening in your life – from the wins to losses. You must hold yourself accountable all the time.

5. Judging yourself all the time

This sabotages your self-growth. It diminishes your self-esteem and confidence.

But still, many people create unrealistic and fake frameworks around them. And when they fail to meet their own exaggerated expectations, they end up judging themselves.

If you’re one of them, STOP.

Stop being so hard on yourself all the time. Stop judging yourself. Others are doing that for you. Cut yourself some slack.
When you do this, it will positively influence your mindset and this will make all the difference in the world for you in the long-run.

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6. Considering others’ opinions

What if you’re told that everything you do in life is based on other people’s opinions?

What if I tell you that your entire existence is predicated on others’ opinions?

Of course, you won’t believe that. BUT it’s so true.

So many of us are living a life that’s based on what others think of us. We want to fit in the social norms. We want to follow the benchmarks set by others. We want to compare ourselves with others and feel better.

It’s the worst habit… a habit that eventually becomes a way of life if not heeded upon.

Self-reflect. What you do, how you do, what you think of, what are the goals you want to move ahead to– are these based on others’ opinions, ideas?

If yes, it’s a serious problem that needs to be fixed right away.

7. Trying to be “busy” and not “productive”

Many people fail to differentiate between the two. Don’t be one of them!

If you’re in the bad habit of being “I am busy” all the time, immediately audit how you’re spending your time and how much you’re achieving in those hours.

You could be busy and yet not achieve anything. Because being productive is the key –not busy.

8. Not eating right

You knew this was coming…

If you’re young, you might not necessarily feel the negative effect of your bad diet. It surfaces only when you start aging with various diseases plaguing your heart, lungs, and brain.

Eat right.

Get rid of junk food. Maintain a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients in it.

Eating unhealthy foods not only set you up for future problems but it also, at present, lowers your energy, brain function, and productivity. It also leaves you more prone to stress and depression.

9. Compromising on your happiness

“I hate my job but I would stay here for a few months.”

“I want to travel but I would do that after I have become an engineer.”

“I don’t want to be a doctor but I have to because my parents want me to.”

Many of us regularly compromise on our happiness for whatever reason. This is a bad habit and the worst life strategy that would set you for many regrets in the future.

Stop compromising with your happiness. It’s non-negotiable. Life is to be lived happily. Do more of things that make you happy.

10. Living a very inactive lifestyle

This is another bad habit that you knew was coming.

Good physical health is the cornerstone of a happier life. It not only makes you feel better physically but also manifests in how you feel within.

So, don’t just sit at your workstation or study table all the time. Don’t be a couch potato.

It’s essential that you exercise every day. Even 20 minutes of daily workout can turn your life upside-down for good.


These are 10 big and small bad habits that are virtually destroying your life one day at a time.

Take note and make necessary changes.

If you want a successful and happier life, you must get rid of the bad habits. There’s no other way. You must.

So, act starting today and improve your life.

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