3 Key Traits of (Ultra) Optimists That You Should Embrace

You call yourself a positive person. But are you really?

Your reactions to criticism, seeing a friend doing well in life and a little less tasty food are tell-tale.

The way you react to even the minor problems in life lays bare your pretense of positivity.

And the first step into becoming an optimist is admitting that you’re not one.

Having a positive outlook in life brings perspective, which almost guarantees limitless happiness. But then again, nourishing such a mindset is easier said than done.

You know you have read countless articles on “how to be positive”, but they never pan out to be the way you wanted them to, did they?

Look at Other People

There are many ways you can learn to become an optimist. One of them includes looking at those who are in that position.

If you look around, in the right places, you can easily find many such optimistic individuals who are completely impenetrable to the negativity that the world throws at them.

Here are 3 traits of ultra-optimists that you can learn a lot from:

Sanskar Bhajan Jaya Kishori

1. They never compare themselves with others

“Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” – Iyanla Vanzant

One of the biggest factors behind people’s misery and unhappiness is comparison with others. And today, when having an ace Instagram game is important, this is rampant. You’re scrolling through your feed and see your friends, apparently, “living a perfect life”. And you let this affect you; you let this hurt your self-esteem.

Positive people don’t do this. They never compare themselves with others. They are their own competition. This brings them the ‘content feeling’ in life, which then manifests into happiness.

2. They consume the right content

Many people do not realize this but the kind of content they consume online plays a big role in how they feel and the kind of ideas that they carry. Sometimes this impact is conscious, most of the time it’s completely subconscious.

Sadly, the majority of the content we’re exposed to is usually negative, which makes us sad and feel bad about ourselves, as well as the world.

Positive people refrain from consuming such content. They literally shut themselves from such negativity, which leaves them with enough room to welcome optimism.

3. They never let negative people come close

If you’re sad in life right now, look around and see the kind of company you’re surrounded by most of the time. You will find people who are equally sad. Why? Because misery loves company.

The kind of people you hang out the most plays a crucial role in shaping your personality and thought process.

Those who are optimists understand this. That’s how they have become one in the first place.

Not only are they intuitive enough to identify the negative people, but they also ensure such individuals do not hang around them for longer.


These are three key traits of ultra optimistic individuals. Of course, they do, consciously and subconsciously, much more to build for themselves insulation of positivity. Like…

  • They genuinely care about other people. They want others to do good in life.
  • They are always ready to help others without any judgment.
  • They have well-defined plans and goals in life which navigate them in the right direction.
  • They take care of their health; both physical and psychological.

So, if you want to become an optimist, it’s not going to be easy. But then you can learn a great deal from those who are already there where you want to be. Take up the above-mentioned traits and stride towards a positive life.

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