5 Daily Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Affirmations help.

Not that they magically change the reality, they do, however, have their own ways of turning life in favour.

When you repeat the same (realistic) goal over and over again, it gives your mindset a massive shift into believing that it’s possible. It switches your passive outlook into an action-oriented approach.

And when you follow that affirmation with hard work, you achieve the change you’re looking for.

Now, of course, it isn’t that simple either.

Making Positive Change Is NOT Easy

When most of us are easily bothered by negativity in life and often cling on to it, breaking that pattern and opting for positive affirmations is excruciatingly painful.

If something is going seriously wrong in life, it’s not easy to close your eyes and feel gratitude that you at least are alive and will have food tonight before going to bed.

After all, complaining, giving excuses and passing on the accountability on others – these are easier than breaking the pessimistic view and bring about a positive change in life that is outside our ordinary boundaries.

You Have No Other Option

As they say, no good things ever comes easy. Neither does this one! If you’re looking to bring about a positive change in your life, there’s a good chance that you might even have to suffocate bad habits out of you.

This includes being overtly conscious of your negative thoughts.

This includes (forcefully) feeding yourself positive affirmations.

Here are 5 positive affirmations that you should take up everyday to change your life:

1. “I am responsible for everything that happens in my life”

The last time something bad happened to you, who did you blame for that?

If you’re like the majority, there’s a good chance that you passed that ball onto someone else.

Even when things happened because of someone else, holding yourself accountable is always the right thing to do.

Because it kills your expectations from others, it puts you in the power position and, most importantly, it affirms life’s biggest truth: you’re responsible for your own life.

So, repeat this affirmation every day. Tell yourself that everything that happens in your life, you’re responsible and accountable for that.

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2. “Nothing can make me feel bad”

This is one of the most important things that so many of us do not realize.

A person’s death doesn’t make you feel bad. It’s your brain making yourself feel bad.

The breakups aren’t painful. It’s your brain that makes it painful.

How you feel is the exact manifestation of the thoughts you empower in your head — and NOT on what he did to you or what happened yesterday.

Your feelings are in your control. Repeat this affirmation to make yourself understand this.

3. “I write my own future”

It’s not the economy. It’s not the government. It’s not your surroundings. And it’s certainly not your family.

How your future pans out depends exactly and solely on you and only you. No other thing or people decide that for you.

Sadly, not many people realize that. Don’t be one of them.

Say this to yourself every day. Because you do write your own future. You’ve got to work hard. You’ve got to have the right plan. You’ve got to have the persistence, perseverance, and patience.

You’re the author of your own story.

4. “I am a good person”

Don’t be hard on yourself.

Don’t beat yourself for all your shortcomings.

Your parents, friends, and society are doing that for you plenty.

You’re a good person. You’re beautiful. You want to see others happy. You want to be happy.

Remind this to yourself every day. Empower the goodness inside you so much that it becomes your dominant persona.

5. “I will make today the best day of my life”

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Please.

So many people are living today for tomorrow. So many of them are delaying that family vacations for their day jobs. So many of them are compromising on today’s happiness in hope that tomorrow it’s going to be better.

It’s the worst way to live life.

If something doesn’t make you feel right and happy right at this moment, it demands an immediate solution.

Do not wait till you have the money, success, kids, and retirement. Do it today. Make today the best of your life.

And it all starts when you give your mindset the a refocus with the right affirmations.


You are your thoughts.

Everything big and small change that you wish for in life, it would culminate from one single thought.

So, it’s important that we pay heed to all that we think.

It’s essential that we replace the negative thoughts with the positive ones.

And it starts by just taking small, daily affirmations.

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