5 Tips to Make Your 2019 Gloriously Peaceful

2018 wasn’t very pleasant, was it?

A lot of things went south and happened beyond your expectations. And yes, you didn’t keep your New Year’s Resolution for very long—again.

But then that doesn’t mean your 2019 shouldn’t be good. Or, for that matter, it doesn’t mean that the next year would be less content than what you want (and deserve).

Irrespective of your goals, ambitions, and paths, the ultimate goal for any human is to attain happiness and peace.

So, while you would certainly need to deploy different strategies and actions to win at your individual game, the fundamentals to be happy and at peace should remain the same.

Here are 5 broad but uber-effective tips to make your life gloriously peaceful in 2019 and beyond:

1. Stop doing things that are making you unhappy

The path to the ultimate peace begins when you drop all the burden of things that are making you unhappy. This year, make a decision to lay off this burden that you’ve been long carrying on your back. It’s essential.

Is your current job making your miserable? Resign and look for something better.

Is being in that relationship threatening your happiness? Gather the courage to end that chapter.

Are you not happy with your decision to opt for Accounts? Drop that subject and pick something that you prefer better.

Do something. Drop all the things from your life that are killing your joy. The more you do this, the lighter you will feel.

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2. Surround yourself with happy and inspiring people

If there’s one “secret” to lead a happy and successful, it is this one.

People fail to realize the impact – and its extent – of having the right company around themselves. It’s true: you’re really the average of four people you hang out with the most.

Look around. What kind of friends you have? What kind of people are you spending the most time with? Are they ambitious and happy? Or are they pessimist who always compel you to think negatively?

If they aren’t the right influence on your ambition for happiness and peace, you must communicate with them as less as possible.

Sure, if the person is your best friend or someone from your family, you will find it difficult to curb back on the communication. But it is something that you MUST do. Don’t cut the ties; just limit your contact with them progressively.

Following, start associating with happy and inspiring people; people who are an optimist and share the same vision as you to live a better life. Do this and you will immediately feel the positive effect of this change.

3. Invest to form good, life-changing habits

There are few habits that, you know it too, can make your life so much better and content. It’s time to invest in them big this year and make them a big part of your lifestyle.

Here are some fine examples of those good, life-changing habits:

Start meditation
Read inspiring books
Consume (unbiased) news
Start doing yoga
Listen to bhajans and kathas
Wake up early (at least 6:00 am)
Eat protein-rich diet

Make these small habits a part of your life and you will notice a serenading change in your life. You will feel much happier and peaceful.

4. Go out of your way to help others

Have you ever been in that position when you gave up your seat on the bus for an elderly? How did you feel?

Or, remember the last time you gave some money to that beggar who you always see at the bus stop? How did that make you feel?
There’s a holistic power in donating and helping others. It makes you a better person. It releases a “happy hormone” in your body, which makes you happier and feels good of yourself. Your empathy level notches.

So, make donating and helping others a part of your daily life.

Every day, make it a point to help at least one person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you donating hundreds. The gesture could be as simple as helping someone cross the road, helping a senior board a bus, or just smiling at a stranger.
Not only will you be making other’s lives better. You will be turning yourself into a better person as well. And this will stride you to the peace that you’re looking for.

5. Speak less and start listening to the hymn of nature

Get away from the crowd of the city. Shut the noise of people around you. If not every day then at least on the weekend, take an escape to visit nature.

Go to a park or a garden. Go on hiking. Go somewhere where there’s less noise. Spend a couple of hours in that place.

Look at the blue sky, hear the birds chirping, feel the wind caressing your cheeks, breath in the cold, fresh air. Connect with nature. Observe everything around you that God has gifted us.

The mesmeric wonders that surround us are sufficient to make us happy. There’s a reason why mother nature is known to be the best healer. Visit her every weekend and all your stress/worries will be choked out, paving way for hope, happiness, and peace.


Achieving a peaceful life isn’t something very extraordinary to achieve as so many people claim. You don’t have to give up on your worldly pleasures and go hike on the Himalayas. Small steps and consistent efforts can eventually add up to bring you the happiness and peace you’ve always wanted.

The above 5 tips are those “small steps” that you must introduce in your life through consistent efforts. Indeed, changing your lifestyle, even for better, is uncomfortable. But then if you’re looking for peace, bad habits are something you must say goodbye to.

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