5 Ways to Attract Positive Energy (And Enjoy A Happier Life)

Recall that time when you were in the presence of a very energetic, lively and optimistic individual. Did that person not make you feel good about yourself and the world? OR, for that matter, remember the first time you heard your favorite song and listening to you instilled in you a positive note?

Attracting positive energy around yourself hasn’t always been easier. The biggest challenge in the process is maintaining that psychological and spiritual state throughout the day. It is difficult! With so many things going around that are beyond our control, negative thoughts are bound to cripple in!

This is where seeking positive energy- INSTEAD of trying to tame the negative ones, feel positive, stay positive. You cannot stifle your negative ideas and reflections. You can only replace them with the positive ones. To help you get the right start, here are five ways to attract positive energy and to live a happier life:

1. Bring Positive Energy in Yourself First

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ The quote is as true as it gets. You simply cannot expect others to be positioned ideally when you’re in the wrong place yourself. In other words, before you strive to attract positive energy, you have to change your own state. Positive attracts positive; you cannot do that with a negative outlook.

Besides, every initiative begins with someone’s first step. Just like you, millions of people out there are seeking the same thing. Instead of trying to find yourself a positive influence, be one for others. This will trigger a cycle, bringing affirmative and peaceful energy close to you, as well as to others.

2. Stay Away from Negative People

This couldn’t be said enough. There are many people who, so cozied in their pessimist environment, never care to have a positive purview for about anything. They exude negative energy. While certainly they can change, often trying to change them go in vain and drains our own energy. So, it’s always best to politely stay away from them.

Identify people in your life who make you feel bad— individuals who spend their energy in passing on to others the unproductive, undesirable thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Identify them. And then start distancing yourself from them. If they are your friends, stop hanging out with them. If they are your relatives, visit them less.

3. Get involved in Charity

There’s a whole different level of gratitude and empathy in giving, which cascades to foster a positive energy around you. This is why you must always do charity work. There are hundreds and thousands of people right in your city who needs help from compassionate beings. Be their hope.

Now understand, this doesn’t always mean donating money. You can (and must) also donate your time, which, today, we lack in abundance. Find a local charity and get involved with them. If you find none, get together with friends and family and start one.

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4. Helping at least one person every day

Continuing with the previous point, make it a habit of every day life to help at least one person who needs it. This is the simplest way to fill yourself with gratefulness and positivity. When you help someone, it makes you feel good about yourself, which perishes all your negative thoughts in a way to build you higher self-esteem and self-confidence.

Contrary to what you may think, finding someone who needs your help isn’t difficult. Get up and help your mother in cooking tonight. That kid around the corner who is always dressed poorly, help him with newer clothes. When you see someone fall off their bikes on the road, stop and help them get up. Such acts of kindness will have an almost immediate effect on your outlook. And you will start feeling so much better irrespective the kind of mood you were in.

5.Find Peace in God’s Presence

It’s hard not to ooze of positive energy when in the presence of God. This is the time when all your emotions hit all the right notes and you feel overwhelmed with high hope, faith, and sanguinity. It almost feels magical!

So, every day, start devoting time in engaging your soul that surrenders itself to the Almighty. Pray more, chant more, meditate more. Listen to the right kathas. Get immersed in your spiritual identity that, blooming with sunshine, leaves no room for negative thoughts to stride in..

These are 5 ways to attract positive energy around you and live a happier life.

Again, introducing positivity in your life is not difficult. Maintaining that psychological and spiritual state is! So, these mentioned measures won’t mystically change everything for you. They demand persistence and honesty.

If you’re persistent and honest in your efforts, your life will soon be draped around positive energy which will go on to unlock you newer opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.

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