7 Questions We Must Ask Ourselves Everyday

Life will pass by you pretty quickly if you don’t stop every once in a while to look around.

This is why auditing your life on a regular basis is quite important.

But we get it –you’re busy. You don’t have the time to pause yourself every day for self-reflection. Moreover, you don’t have the energy to spare. Something like “what do I want in life” would open up more uncomfortable questions than what it would answer.

In that context – to make it easier, quicker but quite effective – here are 7 questions we must ask ourselves daily to know where we are in life:

1. “Did I get better today than what I was yesterday?”

What’s the difference between someone alive and dead?

The latter doesn’t grow – the former can and must!

It’s essential that you’re growing and getting better every single day. If not, you’re basically wasting your critical time and the gift that you have of life.

2. “Did I do something today that would help me reach my goals?”

Achieving your goals and being successful isn’t an event. It’s a long process that demands consistent hard work.

It is due to its long tenancy that many people buy into procrastination and instant gratification, assuming that they have enough time.
Don’t be one of them!

Make sure you’re doing something every day that’s inching you closer to your goals. Keep taking small steps every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That’s how we cover a long journey.

3. “Did I learn something new today?”

Once adults, most of us become passive learners.

We stop learning actively. And this hinders our growth, and eventually the emotional intelligence and happiness.

Passive learning is a mistake in cases when your growth and improvements are essential for you to get somewhere.

So, take up active learning. Spend sometime every day in learning something that’s interesting and important to your goals.

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4. “Was I kind to people today the way I want them to be kind to me?”

Unfortunately, kindness isn’t a big part of our conversations. But it must be!

Utopia is likely an impossible idea. Kindness, however, does take us a little closer to that wish. If we’re only kinder to each other, the world would be so much better and content.

So, it should be an essential part of lifestyle aspirations for everyone to be kind to everyone around them.

There’s almost no reason why one should be rude or mean to others.

Deploy empathy and be nice to others every day. Be the reason why someone feels good today.

5. “Why didn’t I feel very happy today?”

If you don’t keep a check on it, a bad mood can eventually become default for you.

So, it’s essential to take note of why didn’t you feel good today, why your mood switched instantly, why didn’t you enjoy the day, why weren’t you happy.

Ask this question every day to understand how stable your emotional responses are. This will progressively help you navigate yourself towards happiness.

6. “Would I do the same things everyday if I knew I will die soon?”

Steve Jobs brought this seed idea into the mainstream…

‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?’

It’s an astute way to really make your days count and make yourself happier.

It helps you recognize whether you’re following others’ opinions, following conventional notions, and caring too much about society at the cost of your own wishes and happiness!

After all, what’s the point of living a life if you aren’t living it for yourself and on your terms?

7. “What are the five things that I am thankful for today?”

No matter what kind of problems you’re in and how frustrated you are in life, there are always numerous things that are going good in your life – things that you can be thankful of.

You’re alive. You have a family. You have people who genuinely love you. You have a home. You just had a good meal. You’re reading this on the internet, so you’re adequate financially.

There are many things.

Be thankful of at least five things. There’s a whole different level of serenity in gratitude that delivers immense happiness in life.

Ask Them Starting Today

These are seven important questions you must ask yourself every day.

They will help you audit your life, enabling you with the insights of where you are in life, what you should do to make yourself happy, and how to lead a happy life.

Ask them! Ask them every day before going to bed.

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