7 Regrets You Will Have In The Next 10 Years (Unless You Act Today)

Try this…

Whenever you’re free the next time, go and talk to old people. They could be anyone; your grandparents, someone in your neighborhood, or those in old age homes. Ask them about their stories. Ask them questions. Listen to them intently.

One of the most common things you will notice in almost all of them is regret. They regret, a lot, about things they did and the things they didn’t.

You will actually be able to see the pain in their eyes because now they can’t do anything to fix the wrongs.

While there’s very less you can do to help them, out of their experience, there’s a lot you MUST do to help yourself.

Regret is the worse. And you must do all you can to ensure your future doesn’t have anything to be disappointed with its past. And the process of this starts today.

Here are 7 regrets you will have in the next 10 years unless you start acting today:

1. Not spending enough time with parents

This is one of the biggest regrets you will have.

Once they are old and immobile or have passed away, you will miss all those Sundays when you could have had a meal with them together. You will miss those evenings that you could have had spent with them instead of hitting outdoors with your friends all the time.

While you have those Sundays and Evenings, take time out to talk to your mum and day. Spend some quality time with them.

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2. Hanging out with the wrong crowd

You’re the average of five people you hang out the most.

Right now, auditing the people around you, and the influence they have on you, might sound too ludicrous. But years from now, you would wish you would have done that. Because that would have made the biggest difference for you.

So, right now, look around and see the kind of people you’re spending the most of your time with. If they are negative, if they don’t make you feel good or motivate you, get them out of your life.

3. Caring about everyone’s opinions

You know you do this!

You care about everyone’s opinion. What others think about your looks, what your friends think about your Instagram image, what your distant family thinks about your career.

A lot of this usually stems from personal insecurity. What your parents will think if you give up your corporate job and start a company. What your friends will think if you settle for a low-paying job and a smaller house.

A decade from now, you will regret prioritizing others’ opinions so high. Please, please, strip off your insecurity, be more self-aware and stop caring about others’ opinions.

4. Not choosing a desired career path

This is utterly sad that so many youngsters today often fail to pursue the desired career path that they choose for themselves.

So many of them just shun away from their dreams and passion…

because the society wants them to be an engineer and not a street artist;

because all their friends are studying for MBA, so they can’t opt for a career in stand-up;

You will regret not chasing your dreams and goals. You will regret not having the desired career. Follow your heart, as its dictates matters!

5. Having weak moral principles

You see something bad happening around you and yet you don’t raise your voice against it..

Having weak moral principles might not affect you now because you’re “in the moment” right now.

But it’s going to create a big hollow in your consciousness once you’re old. You would wish if you could re-visit the time to fix those wrongs.

Your self-esteem and self-worth will be hurt. You will feel bad about yourself.

So, start today. Improve your moral values… not for others but for yourself.

6. Not having at least one true friend

“One best book is equal to hundred good friends. One good friend is equal to library,” said Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. And it’s as true as it gets.

Sadly, what many people, today, do not realize is that they aren’t surrounded by “true friends”. They are simply surrounded by individuals who call themselves their friends but wouldn’t care about them when things go bad.

All those people who you call friends, they might not necessarily be “friends”. It’s important that you recognize this.

Once you understand, the quicker will you be able to get rid of this crowd of “friends”. And this will provide you with the room to selectively nourish a friendship bond with someone who’s honest and caring.

Because if you don’t do this, years from now, when you’re alone, sitting somewhere with no one to call, you would wish to have invested in at least one good friend who would have been by your side all this time.

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7. Mixing financial success and happiness

This is what mainstream tells you… that your financial status is equivalent to your happiness. It is NOT true.

You can travel the world and have zero balance in the bank account and yet be very happy in your life. You can have a family living, in a small house, on paycheck-to-paycheck and still be very happy from inside.

It’s important that you realize that money and success are two very different things. You can’t mix them together.

The sooner you realize this, the quicker will you map your actions to be primarily happy and NOT financially successful.


8. Wasting time thinking and talking bad about others

If you’re thinking about what others are thinking and talking about… If you’re spending hours every week with your friends talking about others, judging them and gossiping…. YOU ARE WASTING PRECIOUS TIME OF YOUR LIFE that you will never get back.

Even a single minute spent talking or thinking bad about someone is taking you to future-regrets.

Because you would wish you utilized this time to focus on self, to invest in your own skills, to spread joy and positivity around.

Remember, if you can’t say something good about someone, you shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

With this motto, move forward. Save your time and energy from talking bad about others. Else, you will regret it.


These are 8 regrets you will have in your life 10 years from now if you don’t start acting today.

And it might not look like a big deal for you when reading this, but it’s essential you realize that regret is the worst thing ever. It’s painful. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to heal that pain. NOTHING.

So, while you continue to work for a successful life, also make it a priority to build a life that’s happy and regret-free.

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