Jaya Kishori

Jaya Kishori started her spiritual journey at the tender age of seven. Ever since her childhood awakening, she developed a staunch belief in fate and believed that nothing is ever planned – it’s all destined.
Being raised in a spiritual environment, her years of juvenescence were filled with stories of the Almighty as well as values taught by her family and elders. This sparked her curiosity and love for spiritualism which inspired her to become a spiritual orator and motivational coach.


The primary focus of Jaya’s discourse is to bestow faith and positivity among people who have a dearth of confidence in themselves and in the world around them. Her aim is to help people choose the right path in their lives. Her mantra of success is in inspiring masses to lead an accomplished and more importantly, a peaceful life. The cornerstone of sermons lie in the ardour of making people understand the importance of “FAMILY”.

According to her, the key to a good fortune lies in the undertaking of good parenting so that children grow into competent, successful and more importantly – good human beings. She puts in earnest effort in making her spiritual speeches lucid, so that it is comprehensible to people of all ages, be it 8 or 80.

“Patience, consistency and a peaceful mental state is necessary to excel in life”

Jaya Kishori,

Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Orator & Life Coach

Her Pillars

The four pillars of her discourse

Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

Life Experiences

Family Teachings

Imbibing wisdom from all

Jaya prioritizes in imparting wisdom that is necessary in tackling the world. She gives out lessons of values and virtues that she believes is essential in shaping a beautiful life. Every note in her speeches is fine-tuned for guiding her audience towards perfection.

Her Achievements


She has earned quite a few noteworthy achievements with her commendable efforts in spreading positive vibes.

Jaya Kishori is the proud recipient of the “Adarsh Yuwa Adhyatmik Guru Puruskar” which was awarded by Shri Mohan Bhagwat Chief of Hindu Nationalist Organization, Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh(RSS) in 6th Bhartiya Chattra Sansad Award Ceremony held in Pune, Maharashtra in January 2016. She has also been awarded with the “Samaj Ratan Award” from Narayan Sewa Sansthan, Udaipur and has been bestowed with the “Sanskar Artist of the Year 2013-2014” Sanskar Sandhya by Sanskar Channel, Mumbai. She has been celebrated as the ‘Youth Spiritual Icon’ by Fame India Magazine. She has been the recipient of the Women Era award for her valuable contribution towards the nation and she also received an award from Pencil Dotcom as one of the inspiring women all over the world. Recently she has been awarded with “Iconic Woman Motivational Speaker of the year 2021” by Iconic Gold Awards 2021 and “ Best Spiritual Influencer” by Lokmat – Digital Influencer Awards 2021. She has also been awarded the “ Best Motivational Speaker 2021 ’’ by the World Digital detox Day. She also received the Most Inspiring Woman of the Year (Spiritual) at Global Excellence Awards (GEA) in May 2022.