Nani Bai Ro Maayro

Date : 10th May – 12th May

Place : Surat, Gujarat

Organizer : Ashok Ji Agarwal, Shree Shemlai Balaji Mandal

Nani Bai Ro Maayro

Date : 15th May – 17th May

Place : Dugror Gram near Marwad Junction, Pali District

Organizer : S. Bhawalal Wires and Cabel In.

Nani Bai Ro Maayro

Date : 24th May – 26th May

Place : 46 Tarun Deep B. No 58 Station Road Neemach , Madhya Pradesh

Organizer : Deepak Garg

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha

Date : 10th June – 16th June

Place : Shikhohabad Jila - Firozabad Uttar Pradesh

Organizer : Krishna Kumar Sanjana

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha

Date : 19th June – 25th June

Place : Post Chitra Colliery Deoghar State Jharkhand

Organizer : Bibeka Narayan Deo (Yagya Samitee)

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Jaya Kishori is a famous Hindu Kathakaar who is admired and adored all over India and her popularity is spreading infectiously all over the world. A calming smile that soothes troubled souls, a personality that has the power to heal lives and help people to deal with life’s problems, Jaya Kishori has been impressing all with her Kathas.