Here’s How Being Positive Can Gift You A Healthier Life

Science has decoded it only recently. But to those who understand the spiritual dimensions of a being, it has always been clear: what you sow in your head, you reap in your health.

Meaning, your thoughts have an unparalleled influence on your well-being. Delve in negative thinking, it will cascade to impact your overall health. Claw onto the optimistic ideas and opinions, and even in your worst, you will feel your finest.

All the happy people you encounter, in real life and on your social media feed, do you really believe they lead a trouble-less life? That’s an impossible wish! Problems in one’s life are imminent. And they are, in fact, on many levels, imperative; they help you grow and become stronger after all.

These “happy people” encounter problems. They face challenges. But despite all, they always manage to underscore a smile, confidence, and empathy in their overall attitude. And this attitude always ends up reflecting grandly on their health.

Quick, get a perceptive right away: Look around you and find a “happy person”. You will also notice that she/he isn’t only happy but also HEALTHY. And it’s not a coincidence. It is a perpetual fact that happiness and health are intertwined with each other. But before we get to the nitty-gritty of that, let’s get the very basic correct.

Let’s Define “Healthy”

Even till this day, the world fails to recognize mental illness as a viable concern. Millions of people around the world are persistently suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, stress, and other illnesses. And they require just as much attention as, say, a heart patient.

So, foremost, it is important to mark-out the real definition of “good health”. It’s not just about you walking ably, breathing freely and looking normal. It’s equally about mental health. How are you feeling inside? Are you stressed? Do you have troubles managing your emotions? Do you find it difficult to stabilize your mood?

These are important questions that must be addressed when implying whether a person is healthy or not. She might be mobile physically—but is that also the case in her head?

How Does Positive Thinking Fits Here?

Researchers from Kings College in London published a study in March 2016, concluding that positive thinking reduces worries and anxiety. The report says…

“The replacement of worry with different forms of positive ideation, even when unrelated to the content of worry itself, seems to have similar beneficial effects, suggesting that any form of positive ideation can be used to effectively counter worry.”

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Another article on Harvard’s website goes on to add, “Evidence suggests that people with anxiety disorders are at greater risk for developing a number of chronic medical conditions. They may also have more severe symptoms and a greater risk of death when they become ill.” It names gastrointestinal disorders, chronic respiratory disorders, and heart disease as some of the direct downside of anxiety.

Now, for the sake of scientific approval, when you connect the dots, your negative thoughts trigger anxiety, which reaches to affect your physical health. The opposite, which is also well-proven by such countless studies, makes it equally evident that optimistic thoughts keep your emotions in place, making you feel happier. This constructively moves to affect your physical health in a positive way.

Health and Success (and Happiness)

Also, observe that people who are known to be successful, the majority of them are also happy and healthy. In fact, it’s incredibly rare to see a successful individual who’s not healthy; unless, of course, the person is involved in drug abuse.

For this same reason, countless self-help books and articles obsessively focus on keeping yourself healthy. Because good health will go on to swing your happiness; and that will, eventually, with proper and well-measured actions, will bring you success. And then, when you’re a success, it’s likely that your happiness will come naturally.

In a way, when looked in broad terms, health, happiness, and success are interconnected to each other. Bring one in the circuit, it will race to another socket and another one. Hence, successfully completing a circuit. Meaning to say, if you can get yourself healthy, the rest of the two ingredients will follow soon.

It’s more of a cycle. And positive thinking is its fuel. You start thinking positive, it will impact your physical and mental state. And, as mentioned, when you feel healthy, you will feel happy. This will attract more success to you. It all begins with positive thoughts.

Indeed, it might not necessarily look to be quite a revolutionary idea. But then again, a happier and content life is never an outcome of revolutionary ideas but rather small steps and actions. So, act today and take that first step. Start feeding positive thoughts in your head.

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