How to Build High Self-Confidence to Win Over Obstacles in Life?

You dream, so do they. You make plans, so do they. You work hard and so do they. So, why is there such a big gap between the ultra-successful, happy individuals and the rest?

Certainly, the question can be answered with much more objectivity—they are more driven, they have the right resources, they can cushion the risks, and so forth. BUT the real answer hides in a rather holistic viewpoint. And, away from the complexes, it is as simple as it gets: they have higher self-confidence.

In this day and age, self-confidence is underrated. Period. To define it with unambiguity, self-confidence is a state of mind that packs one’s attitude and beliefs towards own abilities, strengths, and worth. It is often linked to self-esteem, which usually means the opinion you have for yourself.

Those in the upper echelons – successful, rich, happy and at peace – display a higher sense of self-confidence. They value their abilities more than anyone. And this comes to play the biggest difference-maker between them, and the rest.

So, if you’re looking to win over obstacles in life and achieve greater success, you need higher self-confidence. This simple attribute, you will notice yourself, will manifest to impact virtually every aspect of your personal and professional life, right from elevating your happiness to achieving your career goals.

Indeed, much like every good thing, building higher self-confidence isn’t that simple. It will require patience and, at times, putting yourself in certain uncomfortable positions. But then that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the task-at-hand. With the right measures, the path ahead can become constructive, making your journey a lot smoother.

Here are 9 simple tips that will help you build higher self-confidence:

1. Create a list of all your fears

Self-improvement measures are only effective when you know exactly how they are supposed to be helping you—what you want to achieve. Same is with self-confidence. You want to feel more confident—but why? Of course, to conquer your fears and take necessary actions. So, what are those fears that you’re looking to conquer? Make a list of them.

You will find that the majority of these fears are almost non-existent and are a product of your over-thinking. Other fears, once you’re conscious about them, you would, by default, know how to resolve them.

2. Start doing meditation every day

The benefits of meditation cannot be put into words. This simple practice of sitting still and controlling your mind and breath can be a literal life-changer for you. It can clear your mind, resolve the problems that stem out of overly-critical thinking, and bring comfort to your mindset.

And when you’re at peace in mind, you will find it easier to tame your anxiety and negative thoughts, which is extremely crucial to achieve high self-confidence.

3. Do you exercise?

Much like meditation, exercising daily has a plethora of benefits that cannot be expressed in words. People who are physically fit express more instances of joyful feelings on a daily basis. They feel good from the inside. They harbor positive thoughts.

So, if you don’t exercise daily already, it’s imperative that you start right away. The endorphins level will increase in your body. And tackling damaging emotions, with the right ones, will become fluently easier.

4. Associate with other confident people

You’re the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.

This quote/statement is as true as it gets. If you’re spending time with people who complain, gossip and give excuses, you yourself will become an individual who complains, gossips and give excuses. On the contrary, if you have surrounded yourself with dreamers, doers, and positive thinkers, you will become a dreamer, doer and positive thinker yourself.

Similarly, inline with the same theory, you must spend more time with people who exude of high confidence. You will unconsciously pick their positive attributes, which will help you deal with your problems much more effectively.

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5. Pray to clear your mind

Where there’s God, there’s hope and peace. So, if you home God in your mind and heart, your entire soul will radiate a positive vibe, which according to the law of attraction, will help you attract more positives, including success and happiness.

So, every day, take out some time to pray; be in the presence of God, chant mantras, listen to Kathas and Bhajans. The evident benefits in your physical and mental being will be almost immediate. And this positive change will help you build and strengthen your self-confidence.

6. The “7-second rule”

More often than not, the majority of our problems are the result of excessive thinking and over-criticalness. When you want to do what you have to do, in the absence of needed self-confidence, your mind usually plays trick, eventually holding you back from taking that step. What if you don’t give your mind the time to over-think? That’s the basic concept of “7-second rule”.

When you’re tempted to do something which you know is important, don’t give your mind more than 7 seconds to think. Act almost instantly. This will bring more actions in your course. And when you’re acting more – doing more – you will find yourself being more confident about your abilities and worth.

7. Find comfort in failures

The greatest success stories also come with the greatest failures. Failing in your journey to the top is imminent. You will face hindrances. Things will not work according to your plans. There will be difficulties. The key here is to be comfortable with these setbacks.

You must find comfort in failures. Accept them as a natural part of the bigger picture in your head. Don’t let these obstructions choke confidence and esteem out of you. Learn and then keep walking ahead.

8. Pay attention to your posture and attitude

It is only now people are realizing that how they carry themselves throughout the day play a critical role in how they feel and perform.

Do this experiment: think of a person who’s depressed and have less self-confidence. What kind of image did you make in your head? If you’re in majority, you likely thought of a person with a sad, robotic expression, slouching shoulders, very slow pace in movement, and meek speech delivery. Similarly, if you imagine a person who is confident, you will find an image who’s very energetic, pacing fast, talking with much more impact and have a smile on her/his face.

Our physiology affects our psychology in a very big way. So, take a look at your posture and overall attitude. Does it look like that of a person who has low self-confidence and self-esteem? If so, make corrections. Stand tall, pull your shoulder back, exude energy, talk clearly and, above all, have a pleasant smile on your face.

9. Practice positive affirmations all day

Your conscious mind reads all your subconscious thoughts. If you are repeating the same thoughts over and over again, the mind will not only read them but eventually end up believing them. When you think “I can’t do it” enough times, your mind will ensure you fail to do it.

Now, this is something that you can turn into your favor. Start practicing positive affirmations. Feed your conscious the positive thoughts like “I can do this” “I will succeed” “I am so happy”. These thoughts, if repeated enough time, will eventually become your reality.


These are 9 simple tips that will help you build higher self-confidence. And when you get into that state where you trust your abilities and strengths more, all your life’s obstacles will eventually become non-relevant because, despite them, you will continue taking important actions, stretching outside your comfort zone and dealing with challenges like a true champion.

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