How to Fix Current Problems in Your Life INSTANTLY?

Let’s be honest. Unless you have a magic wand, there’s virtually no way you can make your existing problems just disappear.

You can’t. And besides, you shouldn’t. Difficulties in life help shape our ideas and identity. As unpleasing as they are, they are also incredibly important.

But here’s a thing: Just because you have to live with problems doesn’t mean it should affect the quality of your life.

Or, for that matter, just because there are snags in life doesn’t mean there’s no room for joy.

The Way They Deal with Problems

Look around. It’s not uncommon to find people who are drowning in worries. It could be your parents, siblings, or friends. In fact, there’s a good chance it could be you.

These people are usually quite pessimistic. They magnify their problems with negative self-talk and affirmations. It’s not as much the real issues as their own habit of over-thinking that destroy their lives.

The psychological stress soon cascades to reflect physically. Their health declines. And their whole life gets affected, along with of those who love and care about them.

And the worst of all is there’s very less that these people do to bring about their lives on track. They accept problems as a permanent and empowered part of their being, much to what many Buddhists believe— “life is suffering”.

& What You Should Do Instead

One word: BE GRATEFUL.

This is the most effective hack that almost guarantees to resolve all your life’s problems INSTANTLY.

When you bring perspective into the problems, things look quite different. Your problems start to look much smaller. In fact, your problems might not be a problem in the first place, but rather a monster created by your head that, in actual, is nothing but a shadow.

For example…

Jaya Kishori Ji Shrimad Bhagwat Katha

Did you know more than the world’s 11 percent population suffer from hunger? This very moment, while you read this, 842 million people are hungry. When you average the number, more than one person dies, worldwide, every second because they don’t have enough food to eat.

OR, did you know that 844 million people across the world lack clean drinking water?

There are countless such numbers that highlight the real problems and dreads to humanity.

Do these realities not bring perspective to what you’re going through at the moment?

Had a breakup? Someone passed away? Failed your exam? Had an argument with your friend? Your day job isn’t paying you enough?

These are NOT problems. There are basic glitches that will get fixed over time. These aren’t the real monsters that your brain has created.

There are people who don’t have food to eat, water to drink and house to live; there are parents who will see their child sleep tonight empty stomach; there are kids who dream about getting education. Do your problems still look as relevant in front of these realities?

Likely not. Yours aren’t even the problems.

So, please, please be grateful. You’re privileged. We’re privileged. Be grateful.

Understand the reality. Look at all the people you have around; look at all the good things that are happening in your life right now. The moment you’re grateful for all that you have, you will instantly see your problems vanish. Yes, they will vanish. They won’t matter to you anymore. The “good” will take over your conscious and you will realize just the kind of wonderful life you’re living right now.

It Won’t Be Easy

Sure, being grateful isn’t very easy. And when your head has made a mountain of a molehill, counting your blessings isn’t something you would feel like doing.

But then there’s no other way. If you really want to fix the current problems in your life, instantly at that, take up gratefulness.

Meditate, chant and listen to bhajans and pray as much as your heart wants. Start your day by writing three things that you’re most thankful for in your life. End the day similarly. Also, replace your every-day negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

Over the course, with conscious and consistent efforts, you will notice gratefulness becoming your natural state of mind. You will find that even when big problems come into your life, you will find it easier to deal with them.

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