How To Fix Your Bad Mood Within Minutes?

It shouldn’t be the case but most of us are enslaved by our mood.

“I am not in the mood to work out” – so you don’t work out.

“I am not in a mood to work” – so you don’t work.

“I am in such a bad mood” – so you waste the rest of the day with that negative outlook.

In reality, your mood should not dictate your values, consistency, and productivity.
You must build a framework around you so that you don’t get in a bad mood in the first place. Following, even if you get there, you must take some key steps to get yourself out of that rut as quickly as you can. The former, since it demands fundamental shifts in the thought process, requires a lot of time. The latter is just a matter of you taking some proactive measures.

Here are 3 simple tips on how you can fix your bad mood within minutes:

1. Change your physiology – get your heart pumping

What’s the body language of a sad and depressed person?

Now, what’s the body language of someone confident and positive?


Our physiology directly affects our psychology. How you carry yourself physically influences how and what you think.

So, whenever you’re in a bad mood, check your posture. How does your body language look?

You will likely be slouching with a dull attitude. Fix it!

Furthermore, you want to get your heart pumping so that the blood reaches every end of your nerves and you feel energetic.

Depending on where you are now, do some quick and intense physical activity for a couple of minutes.

Do push-ups. Jump. Anything. You just want to get your heart racing.

In just a few minutes, you will feel so much better.

Jaya Kishori Bhajan

2. Donate some money to anyone in need

Science says, money can buy happiness … But only when it’s spent on others.

Donating or helping someone in need is one of the fastest ways to lift your mood.

Knowing that you made someone’s life better and that you were the reason why they felt good, the thought in itself is quite empowering. How can you not feel better with that?!

So, the next time when you’re in “bad mood”, go outside, find someone homeless or poor, and donate some money.

If you’re too lazy to do that, you can find any good cause even online.

You will instantly feel lighter and positive.

3. Listen to the right songs

Good music calms our soul and transcends us into a place that we didn’t know even existed.

But then again, you know this already.

Remember the time you first heard your current favorite song and how it hit your heart?

When you’re not in the desired mindset, plug in your headphones and jam some good, positive and upbeat songs. Give devotional songs a try, if you haven’t before; it has a calming effect.

Focus on that music intently. And by the time it ends, you will notice your mood has switched, and you’re feeling so much better now.


These are three simple but guaranteed ways to fix your bad mood within minutes.

Once you have aced switching your mood towards the positive side, comes the next big task of ensuring you don’t get in the bad mood in the first place.

As mentioned, it requires a fundamental change in your thought process. It requires a change in how you look at things. And, most importantly, it requires you to have the right people around you.

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