How to Get Rid of Toxic People From Your Life?

You stop talking to those toxic people. Simple, right?

But what if those toxic people are really your colleagues, neighbors or your friends? How are you going to get rid of them? That’s the challenge!

Now before you go about eliminating people from your life, there are certain things you must understand…

It’s Very (Extremely) Important

Foremost, understand that getting rid of negative individuals from your life isn’t optional. It is essential. You must essentially get rid of such energies from your life that not only NOT inspire you but also drag you down in one form or another.

This is, by far, one of the simplest ways to improve your life and achieve greater things.

Because as clichéd as the quote may have become, it still remains a hard fact:

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

So, be certain of those whose vibes are not making you to feel right..

But before that:

What if you’re a negative person?

How certain are you that you’re not one of the people who you want away from your life?

It’s a good possibility, is it not?

Pessimists (ignorantly) find more of pessimism around them.

So, before doing anything, it’s important that you get self-aware of the kind of person you, yourself, are. Sure, it will take some time. Take it!

Understand your patterns, the way you think, the way you communicate, how you respond to challenges and other aspects of your life.

Even ask parents and friends to help you recognize the negative features in you. Parents are like your pillars, they know you the best. Talk to them, don’t think of consequences, let your shyness, fear, shamefulness take a back seat, because parents can really help you out and pull you out from troubled situations.

If you’re really someone who exude negative energy, be bluntly honest about it. Admit it and then go ahead to improve yourself. Replace negative thoughts with the positive ones. Nourish a positive outlook on life. Adopt an overall energetic and empathetic lifestyle.

Again, this will take time. Take it. Take months, years and even decades to re-mold yourself into an optimistic person.

Kathavachak Shrimadbhagwat

“Get rid” doesn’t mean getting rid

You can’t get rid of the toxic people around you as quick as you want. You cannot stop talking to them abruptly, for forever. These are the people you must embrace with all their flaws.

Communication is the first step to bridge all differences with kindness.

Communicate with them.

Talk to them about the way you feel about them. Tell them that you don’t appreciate their remarks and discouragement. Tell them that what they are doing and saying is psychologically affecting you. Let them know their words and actions are making you feel bad.

Yes, it’s not that easy. But it’s something you must do. Pick a time and place. And have this tough conversation with them. Be very polite and emotionally stable.

Spend Less Time With Them

Once they are aware of your problem, they will definitely try to fix it if they really love you.

While they would bring their fixes from their own ends (like not criticizing you anymore, encouraging your goals, more), you must also take proactive measures on your own end.

Stop spending too much time with these individuals. Spend as less time with them as possible. Of course, you must be very careful about being polite and not hurting their feelings.

Slowly and gradually cutting back on the time you spend with those who seem incompatible can give you back your sanity. It ensures the relationships aren’t hurt. At the same time, you’re getting away from the toxic people.

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