How to Have a Healthier Relationship With Your Father?

Tweeting “Happy Fathers Day” isn’t sufficient.

For a man who takes care of your well-being, till you’re an adult, even at the cost of his own — a man who sacrifices his own needs and happiness to fulfill yours…
A basic social media post on 16th June is just not sufficient!

Please do more.

Make this Father’s Day a bit more than customary. Make it a day when you genuinely appreciate a person for making you stronger and good.

And most importantly, make it a day when the dynamics between you and him changes to a fresh beginning where you share more joy and memories together.

Because you know it, as much as you love your father, you falter to express what you want. There are many unsaid words, lump-in-the-throat moments where emotional out-pour takes a backseat in front of that person who is known for his steadfastness, ethical values, chivalry while standing tall as one of the pillars of the family just beside the all-loving mother … but under all that there is a soft person lurking somewhere!

If your equation with your father is good already, make it better.

If it’s broken, fix it.

Here’s how to have a healthier and happier relationship with your father:

1. Spend More Time With Him

How can you foster a happier relationship with him if you aren’t sparring enough time in the process in the first place?

Yes, we get it. You’re a busy person!

You’re busy in school, college or your job. You’re busy with your friends and partners. You’re busy binge-watching your favorite series.

In any case, whatever is keeping you so hooked, it doesn’t matter. Make time.

Take proactive measures to free your minutes and hours every week that would be reserved for your father.

There’s no alternative to this. It’s essential.

Make time and spend a large part of it with your father. Watch movies or cricket together. Take him and mum out on a dinner. Go on a vacation. Talk to him; talk to him about his past.

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2. Ask What He Wants And Dreams Of

Anything except “grandchildren” is a feasible dream on his part.

As a son or daughter, while it’s not necessarily your duty, it sure comes as a gesture to fulfill your father’s wants and dreams.

After all, he did all to fulfill your needs and dreams for the best part of your life. It’s your turn now.

Ask him what he wants in life now. Ask what he dreams about a lot. Ask what kind of wishes he had when he was growing up.

Maybe he wants to meet his old friends. Maybe he wants to visit a destination. Maybe he wants to watch a cricket match live in the stadium.

Together, create a bucket list. And then help him tick off each point in the coming weeks and months.

3. Support Him In Growing Old

You are becoming more of an adult. At the same time what many kids do not realize that their parents are also growing old.

They are getting weaker and frail.

They now require more attention and care.

They need more emotional support.

They were your guardian when you were growing. It’s time for you to take that role now that they are growing old.

So, understand your father’s gradually declining health and stability and become his pillar.

Ensure him with maximum comfort with the right infrastructure and emotional support.


There are millions of people who regret not appreciating their father when he was alive… For not spending enough time with him… For not telling him enough times how much they love him and everything he has done for them.

Just ask your own father how he feels about his dad.

You don’t want to be that person who regrets. It’s the most painful thing in the world.

So, while you have the time, while you both are there, don’t just wish him “Happy Father’s Day”. Go beyond that. Say “thank you. Say “I love you”. He will feel so good. But most importantly, you will feel so good.

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