You owe it to the world when you have its attention.
You owe it to the people who look up to you – to inspire them, to navigate them in the right direction, to help them improve their lives.
As Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across waters to create many ripples.”
When you have people’s attention, you owe it to them to cast a stone across waters and create many ripples.
Jaya Kishori is on the same mission with her several initiatives. Revered by millions, she doesn’t just want to improve their lives, she also wants them to improve others’. She is committed to that path with different initiatives in areas that she is deeply compassionate about.

Best Motivational Speakers in Kolkata

Promoting Girl Education

While Jaya Kishori had been privileged to have loving and supporting parents, she understands that not every girl is gifted with the same. Not every girl gets the education she deserves and needs. Jaya Kishori is very passionate about the issue, often encouraging other parents to push for their girl child’s education. She is a firm believer that in order to let the society grow truly, become more liberated- literacy among women is the single most important thing. In-line with that idea, Jaya Kishori is a proud and vocal supporter of the Indian Prime Minister’s Vision and campaign “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”.

Best Motivational Speakers in Kolkata

Planting Trees – Saving Environment

At a time when the threat to the sustainability of the environment has never been greater, adopting green practices is no more optional – it’s essential. In that context, Jaya Kishori is a big proponent of planting more trees. Over the course, she has been on the mission to promote this noble practice, which could fundamentally solve a lot of today’s problems – from global warming to air pollution to health issues. She inspires everyone to not treat environment as secondary but to consider it as a priority. Harmony is built in mind when there’s harmony around. If the environment isn’t in the right condition, everything that we live for will be rendered to nothing. Jaya Kishori hopes to spread this messagea cross different cities to build a culture where environment isn’t just worshipped for namesake but pampered in reality like a child.

Best Motivational Speakers in Kolkata

Encouraging Yoga

In recent times, Yoga has emerged to become quite popular. However, it’s far from being adopted, in particular, by all the sections of the society. Owing to its life-altering physical, mental and spiritual effects, Jaya Kishori is on a mission to spread the good message of Yoga to distant corners. A devoted practitioner herself, she aspires to propagate the benefits of yoga to everyone and to push individuals to make it a habit of their everyday lifestyle. Jaya Kishori believes a healthy mind leads to a healthier body. And when the mind and body are in unison, good things happen to the person. It all starts with Yoga.

As the reach and influence of Jaya Kishori continue to widen, she realizes more responsibility upon her. She is hopeful to continue working for the people and environment, to take her initiatives to the next level that will inspire more and more people to undertake more campaigns that make the real difference in the world.

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Best Motivational Speakers in Kolkata

Jaya Kishori is a famous Hindu Kathakaar who is admired and adored all over India and her popularity is spreading infectiously all over the world. A calming smile that soothes troubled souls, a personality that has the power to heal lives and help people to deal with life’s problems, Jaya Kishori has been impressing all with her Kathas.