Is Motivation Overvalued?

Recall the last time you felt super motivated to “finally” work on your dreams and achieve greatness. How long did it last?

Not too long, did it?At best, it faded with the day; at worst, you ended up watching YouTube within an hour.

Motivation doesn’t last long. Even if it does, it alone isn’t sufficient.

There are many elements to feeling motivated that manifest a thought or idea into deliberate action. And perhaps this is why answering whether motivation is overvalued or not is far from binary, too complex to fit in a simple “yes” or “no”.

You Can’t Rely On It

If you’re drawing your energy and passion from motivation, you will likely be disappointed. That stimulus isn’t reliable. And when entirely rely on it and you aren’t motivated, you will inevitably hinder your progress.

Sure, it’s easy to feel pumped up and energetic when everything is going right in life. But that’s a rather epitomized picture, often not true for the majority.

Problems and challenges are part of life. Maintaining motivation through that is not easy.

It’s unlikely that Edison felt “motivated” after he failed thousands of times. Stephen King, one of the best writers alive, had his first novel “Carrie” rejected for 30 times; he even threw his manuscript before his wife encouraged him for one more attempt. If it was all about motivation, George Lucas would have given up after Disney and Universal rejected Star Wars.

Motivation is unreliable.

The recipe for success requires many more ingredients. And in that context, motivation sure looks overvalued when you realize how under-discussed these other “ingredients” are..

 Jaya Kishori Bhajan

More Important Things

Alongside motivation – and, at times, more importantly – there are plenty of other components you need to be more productive and achieve more…

Persistence and consistency are two of those things, very essential. Even when you aren’t motivated, you cannot pause and take a break. If you are chasing big dreams, no matter how you’re feeling, you must persevere through that “feeling” and maintain higher consistency.

Hard work is another essential part of the game. You can feel all the motivation in the world – but if you don’t have a good work ethic or if you don’t like working hard, your enthusiasm is of little use.

Also, not everyone can feel motivated. Many people have the environment and infrastructure around them that leaves no room for motivation. In such cases, does that mean these individuals should never rise high if motivation really is the Holy Grail? Likely not!

Don’t Chase Motivation

Do seek the rush of energy. Do consume videos and articles that leave you pumped.

However, don’t over-rely on them.

If you aren’t achieving or doing what you want, motivation may not be as important for you as you traditionally believe. You may simply be overvaluing it.

Chase other ingredients of the mix. Passion, persistence, consistency, purpose, determination, confidence, optimism, productivity, work ethic, self-awareness, patience, and discipline – these are, more often than not, for most of the people, are more important than just motivation.

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