Is Stress Killing Your Joy? Find Out!

Here are some quick numbers:

9 out of 10 Indians suffer from stress. (Source)

45 percent of teens say they are stressed “all the time”. (Source)

Chronic stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death, which includes heart disease, suicide, cirrhosis of the liver, lung ailments, cancer, and accidents. (Source)

Annual healthcare costs due to workplace stress in the US is $190 Billion. (Source)

Is it not fascinating how such a big “life killer”, even in this age, lurks in the shadow, away from the mainstream discussion and concerns?

When was the last time you really wondered if you’re stressed?

Or, wait, here’s a better question: when was the last time you took your stress seriously?

We’re all stressed

Yes, we’re all stressed. And honestly, there isn’t something wrong with that. Some are stressed about their relationships and job, others are worried about not getting enough ‘hearts’ on their Instagram upload.

In fact, stress is a very normal part of our being that’s needed to be felt. You can’t understand the value of happiness unless you experience sadness. You cannot appreciate the sunshine unless you’ve played with the darkness.

But the problem comes when that stress level breaks a threshold level to an extent where it evidently affects one physically, emotionally and psychologically. Sadly, there aren’t any outlined rules and guidelines to mark the difference between what stress level is OKAY and what requires IMMEDIATE HELP.

We’re all stressed. Many of us, though, fail to recognize if it’s normal or something serious. And it is in this mix that the serious instances of chronic stress get overlooked as “normal” or temporary.

How stressed are you? Are you sure it’s really “normal” and NOT beyond that threshold mark? Is your stress killing your tendency to feel happiness?

Here are critical signs that your stress is really killing your joy and that you require immediate help:

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5 Signs of Too Much Stress

1. You experience headaches very often

It’s no surprise that when your mind is chasing thoughts 24/7 and worrying about every little thing in the world, it will get tired. And when it does, you will experience headaches—severe and often.

So, if you’re suffering from regular headache very often as of late, understand that it’s a clear indication that you should give your mind some rest. OTC medication will provide you with only temporary relief.

2. You don’t feel lively

Recall the day when you were at your happiest. Remember how energetic and full of positivity you were? That’s what feeling “lively” means.

If you haven’t felt like that in weeks and months, understand that you’re stressing too much. Our every moment should be spent to be lively. And if you can’t manage to get into that optimist, energetic state, there’s definitely something wrong.

3. Withdrawal from social life

It is very common to see people who are stressed withdraw themselves from a social life.

It’s not exactly what we call “growing up”. In our adult phase, we don’t actually “grow up” and fall distant to our closest friends. We just feel burdened by all the responsibilities, which pile up our stress, eventually pushing us to meet less and less people.

Notice your current social circle. Is it becoming as good as non-existent? It’s a sign of high stress when you fail to mingle even with your family and close friends.

4. Change in appetite

If your favorite food doesn’t make you get on your feet and rejoice anymore, you’re taking too much stress. (Unless, of course, you’re suffering from some digestive issues, which, by the way, is also a sign of too much stress.)

5. You’re falling sick often

Our psychological state affects our physical health. If you aren’t fit from the inside, you will definitely experience lots of physical and evident health issues.

So, if you’re visiting your doctor very so often with problems like cold and flu, tiredness, indigestion, fluctuating blood pressure, and heart issues—you’re clearly exceeding the normal threshold level of stress.

These are 5 very clear signs that you’re taking too much of stress.


If you see these signs, STOP, relax and think. Think about why you’re so stressed. Figure out the reasons, which, admittedly, won’t be easy.

Make conscious efforts to simmer down your mind and process thoughts analytically. Meditating, praying, chanting, sunbathing, and just talking to your closest friend can be of great help.

However, if your stress is preventing you from experiencing joy, and if it has been long since you last felt happy and highly-energetic, you should immediately seek medical and therapeutic attention.

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