Top 5 Ways Helping You To Live in Peace

Pleasure is temporary, easily influenced by circumstances and individuals. Peace, on the other hand, is long-lasting. And it is exactly what people must strive for.

However, needless to say, being at peace is easier said than done. And almost majority of the population can’t effectively reach to that state where they are not only ecstatic under their skin but are also comfortable in their conscious and sub-conscious.

It’s a great place to be in — serene and heavenly. But the path ahead to that state has many turns that demand hard work, consistency and the clearest conscience.

Here are 5 ways how you can live in peace:

1. Don’t think bad of anyone

It’s not uncommon for humans to think bad and negative of someone else. Don’t be one of them. Don’t harbor negative emotions against anyone in your heart. And this is only possible when you teach yourself to keep your ego in control.

Be happy in others’ success. Help them without hesitation to achieve more than you.

And if someone has really done bad to you, give them a benefit of doubt. Empathize with their actions, and don’t hold grudges. Let go of all the negativity and biases.

2. Be the person to say ‘sorry’ first

Even if you aren’t the one who did something wrong, be big at heart and apologize first. Yes, it might hurt your ego. But in the core, you will feel so much relaxed and light-hearted. And in the same process, the other person will start holding you higher in her/his esteem.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha By Jaya Kishori

So, say sorry wherever it’s due. Mend relationships. Be on good terms with every person in the world.

3. Define your life’s purpose

Life must have a purpose to guide you through the journey. It must have a destination. Without it, you will be lost. And when you’re lost, there’s a good chance you might end up taking the wrong path.

So, define your life’s purpose and goals. And then create a plan around that. This busyness in life, where you’re occupied pursuing something, will keep you in the right lane, away from all the negative influences.

4. Start meditating every morning

The seamless benefits of meditation cannot be put in words, to say the least. If you aren’t already doing it, start meditating. Please.

This simple habit can virtually change your whole life. Start today and you will notice a drastic improvement in your physical and psychological health in as less as 21 days.

5. Learn to be self-sufficient

You’ll never be at peace if you have handed over the steering of your emotions to someone else.

Love people. Live for them. Make compromises. BUT never hand over your happiness to them. Because almost all of them will leave — even your parents. And when they leave, so will your happiness. You will be rendered to your misery!

Instead, learn to be self-sufficient. Don’t be dependent on others. Find happiness within yourself or from the lifestyle you live. NEVER expect anything from anyone. Keep hold of your emotions and feelings. Control them correctly. Be loving but never be unrealistic and obsessive.


These are the 5 ways that will help you attain a peaceful state of mind. And once you get in that zone, nothing will affect you. You will be ever-so in harmony, happy all the time, for no particular reason. Now isn’t that what we all want?

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